A Taste Of Avalon:

Join us for a 5-Week Summer Adventure Into Surrendered Leadership, Community-In-Action, And Your Highest Spiritual Potentials

A Taste Of Avalon is an organic, co-created online adventure, specifically for those who long for aliveness and action-taking in life... and who find themselves in an often-challenging process of awakening at the same time.

It's an online programme of two core parts.

Firstly: Knowledge.

You’re invited into a private inner circle of learning, where you’ll deepen your understanding about some of life's more complex personal and spiritual challenges.

A Taste Of Avalon was created specifically to help you orient your mind, body and spirit, while awakening in everyday life.

Secondly, it's about Community...

A Taste Of Avalon is about aligning with like-minded people as you explore the questions that are closest to your heart.

We invite you to get new perspectives on the shadows and scripts that keep you in repetitive cycles in certain areas of your life, and also to taste the emerging new potentials that are coming through you…

… as you’re growing, awakening, and changing.

The mix of knowledge and community is incredibly powerful. We don’t want to provide a programme where you simply lay back, study, and absorb the material.

We want to help you to embody it. To live it. To breathe it.

And working in togetherness is the key. For when we are able to share our personal insights with a group of dedicated friends who want to be in compassion as we grow together, we’re much more likely to embody them throughout our daily lives and our actions.

And when we’re supported by a community that is with us as we try, fail and eventually succeed, we have a much greater chance to incorporate and integrate what we learn.

If you’ve been touched or inspired from what you’ve heard from Alanja and The Avalon Team so far, we invite you to join A Taste Of Avalon.

Throughout the summer, we promise you will be *met*. Your questions will be answered. Your worldview will expand. And your heart capacity will be profoundly exercised.

During A Taste Of Avalon you'll be able to demystify the beauty of Integral Theory and Development Psychology and how it applies to you... As you explore the inter-connectedness of the youngest, most tender parts of you, and your greatest, cosmic, spiritual potentials.

Awakening, In Togetherness...

During the next five weeks, here are just some of the themes we’ll investigate together - discussing and practicing them with this year’s group on A Taste Of Avalon:

  • The Art of Surrendered Leadership - what it means to have a plan, but able to lead with “all there is”, whether in business, workshops or in your relationships.
  • The Art of the "Meeting": how to attune to the energy, current emotional state and worldview of the people around you, for deep connection and healing.
  • Consciousness: find what’s needed to stabilise the highest stages of development in your everyday life, by using spiral dynamics, “pesos” theory, understanding the mechanics of "free-leasing" trauma, and fully integrating your lowest stages of development.
  • Higher Potentials: how to see, unlock, and nurture unique intelligences in yourself and in others.
  • Clear, grounded explanations about the mysterious phenomena of "subtle energy", "the collective field", and how to "deepen the we-space”.
  • How to take your Coaching, Therapy, or Circling to a whole new level by daring to bring more of your authentic self into connection with your client.
  • Practice the art of curiosity, and tune into the types of people around you. Discover keys to understand and start shifting some of the relationship dynamics that shape your life.
  • Exploration - theoretical and practical - on themes such as power, sexuality, collective intelligence, co-creation, source, life’s work, and spiritual growth.

A Taste Of Avalon will be a closed container - a private online group full of knowledge, resources, and lively, bustling debate and connection.

Each day during the next five weeks, it’ll be a place where you can come and be inspired, challenged, and have your worldview deepened, in our private, online group.

And although we can give you a taste of what we’ll explore in this text, you’ll be involved in an organic, natural process.

We cannot predict the outcome for every call and conversation we join together, but when you come forward with what you most need, and most want answered, we can meet you, and co-create from there.

The Vision of Avalon is to be a bridge between the divine and humanity, to create in togetherness - where every potential is needed. And this is our starting foundation.

Explore your shadows, scripts, traumas and blocks in an intimate, open-hearted, non-judgmental container. Find new avenues to trace the roots of relational difficulties, creative blocks and low life force... and bring new awareness and options for moving towards your potential.

Here’s What You Will Experience During A Taste Of Avalon:

  • During each of the five weeks, we go live on Zoom technology for 2-hour weekly “dharma” webinars. Here, you’ll be part of a living, pulsating online broadcast, exploring the topics above and your deepest questions about them.
  • You’ll get access to our secret community Facebook page, where you’ll be invited to contribute to a daily conversation, and have the chance to have *all* your questions - personal and theoretical - seen and answered.
  • Extra “practice webinars” with our team of mentors, who’ll be with you as you explore yourself in regard to the themes of the programme. Join a small, intimate reflection group… or a big, vibrant practice field of other participants and Avalon team mentors, again on our Zoom webinar software.
  • Clear developmental assignments: each week, you’ll be offered different practices to choose from, to work with in your daily life. Each practice will be aligned with the material of the programme, and designed to shift the quality of how you relate with people at work, in your family, or in your intimate partnership.
  • Access to the full Avalon team via private message - we’ll respond.
  • Lifelong access to this particular Avalon group, including the potential of co-creation that lays within it. You’ll also have the chance to be part of a vibrant, growing, community with integral values, right from the very beginning.
  • Anything that you or the other sources bring in! A Taste of Avalon is an alive, pulsing "We-Space"… Although we have a well-defined “base structure” for the next five weeks, we cannot possibly predict the full scale of what will be created - such is the delight of creating a programme from the principles of nature and surrender!

What this means is that there is time and space for all participants to bring their creations and desires into the programme, and to practice surrendered leadership and co-creation within the container of the course.

That includes you, and working in co-creation with what you want to bring!

A Flexible Working Structure

Like any community or learning adventure that you become a part of, the value you’ll get from A Taste Of Avalon will be linked to how much energy you put in.

So if you have 4 hours a week, you’ll be able to listen to the webinars, and catch up with the best of the daily discussions in our private group.

But if you have 8, or 10 hours a week, you’ll be a part of every conversation, and be able to join some of the triads - the small practice groups led by our team - each week, to deepen your understanding and dive more into your personal questions.

However you choose to use A Taste Of Avalon -  the webinars and the content that’s recorded, will be yours for life.

And in case you're traveling, have other engagements, or just can't make the call on any given week, you won't miss out on any of the dharma or the action of A Taste Of Avalon.

Important Dates & Times:

A Taste Of Avalon officially opens on Monday, 18th July. Soon after that day, you’ll be welcomed onto our course homepage, where you'll get written instructions, the full course calendar, and a formal welcome to the group.

You'll also get lifelong access to the preliminary webinars - The Cosmic Human Being, How To Work With Trauma & Trapped Energy, and The Power Of Compassionate Action - these are part of the course content, too.

Saturday, 23rd July:

> Live introduction to A Taste Of Avalon - how this programme works and how to get the most out of it (a 1-hour recorded webinar).

Monday, 25th July:

> The first A Taste Of Avalon “dharma webinar”. During 2 lively hours, we'll dive together into the themes of the week, the most alive questions in the group; and where our team, and you, will have opportunity to interact, live.

Then, each week this summer, you will get a weekly webinar dharma, with the same format but different themes, each up to two hours long.

The continuing weekly dharma webinars will take place on:

Monday, 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd August.

Finally, you'll be invited to a special one-and-a-half-hour goodbye call, where we'll be together one last time as this summer's group, where we'll discuss what's next for us as a family of connected explorers, for our co-creation, and for Avalon.

The goodbye call will take place on:

Friday, 26th August.

All official A Taste Of Avalon calls will take place at 9pm, CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.

A Committed Team Of Leaders To Meet You Where You Are

As well as the official call structure of A Taste Of Avalon, you'll also get weekly options to work and meet with our highly experienced team.

We have a total of two-dozen members of our team this summer, the majority of them coaches, facilitators and leaders in their own right. Many of whom are the sources of conscious and pioneering businesses in the world.

Our team will be online, via message, Skype and Zoom technology, at different times each week - and we guarantee that you'll be able to speak with at least one member of our team, live, throughout the course of the programme. Even if you never make it to the dharma, live.

So wherever you are in the world this summer, you'll be able to connect, digest this paradigm-shifting information with a group, and discover how it relates, specifically, to you.

Practice bringing the full expression of your Masculine and Feminine compassion. Show up and *meet* others throughout A Taste Of Avalon, and get discerning feedback about when you act from your greatest gifts, what those gifts are, and how to overcome old "roles" and patterned behaviour.

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The investment for A Taste Of Avalon, for this "pilot-group" version this summer, is only 245 euros.

We are incredibly excited to be bringing the teaching and group field of Avalon online for the very first time. We delightfully invite you into a loving, joyful, collaborative, yet challenging experience this summer... where we take our longing for family, and having a place to go to explore our deepest questions, as very, very important.

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