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Founded by Alanja Forsberg in 2015, Avalon is a community - a family - where high consciousness individuals gather, rest, learn, heal, and then boldly step back into the world with compassionate action... in togetherness.

Avalon is about restoring individuals and groups to their full, free nature, aligning them with their unique source in the world.

What does alignment with a 'unique source' mean?

To live and act from your source means to be aligned with a divine sense of grace and purpose that captures you... than enables you to create new kinds of work, and serve the world in beautiful, never-seen-before-ways.

Tying together Integral Theory, deep trauma work, surrendered leadership, subtle energy competence, contemporary We-Space practice and Psycho-dharma...

... Avalon provides us with a training arena where we get to taste all aspects of ourselves fully, and practice compassionate action and our hidden potentials in a tight-knit container.

Our Avalon 7-day retreats run various times a year in Sweden, The Netherlands, and in Gran Canaria, Spain.

And our Online Community is being born... right now!

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